The Changing Face Of The Indian Logistics Industry With Freight India With Better Management System


The logistics industry in India has been evolving quite rapidly since the last few years. It is a complex interplay of infrastructure, technology and new types of service providers that will eventually define whether the logistics industry is able to help its customers reduce their logistics costs and provide effective services that are also growing at a frantic pace. Transportation consumes about 40% of the logistics cost and is a major factor for small and medium businesses. The concept of on-demand logistics has been mooted for some time now and the feasibility and viability of such a concept can be assured only with a robust network of such transportation partners on an agile and powerful platform. The importance of an on-demand logistics system can be immense for businesses in terms of cost savings.

Instead of maintaining fleets of their own, businesses can now cut down on their logistics costs by outsourcing it to professional on-demand logistics service providers. What makes FreightIndia an attractive and interactive proposition is that it offers both, first mile as well as last mile delivery. After booking a vehicle, the customer is assured of a pickup from the source location and delivery to the target location. Confirmation is instantaneous and documentation is minimum and online.

FreightIndia is a revolutionary platform to ease the burden of the Indian logistics system which is facing challenges both from the policy level as well as infrastructure level. It also eases the cost burden of businesses by giving them the flexibility to choose a logistics and transportation services when they need it without worrying about recurrent retainer costs. With a robust and agile platform in place, more and more customers and commercial vehicle owners are joining the FreightIndia platform.